Project Description

A selection of what I have for sale at the moment.

Feel free to message me for details.

This is the first in a series of works entitled “An Englishman in Copenhagen” which will chronicle my vision and experiences here.

“A foreign disposition”
oil on canvas
100 x 140 cm

(the wolf which represents me the returning foreigner, the female figure is the allure & charm of Copenhagen)

“Fast & Louche”

portrait of US singer & actress Miley Cyrus

Newsprint & Tissavel Porcupine faux fur on wood panel

130 x 140 cm

“She’s a light in the darkness”

acrylic & newsprint on canvas

100 x 120 cm

“America Wants Me”

portrait of The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
acrylic and newsprint on canvas
100 x 120 cm

“I tried the kiss of life”

newsprint & acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

“A Death In Paradise”

newsprint, acrylic & silver leaf on canvas.

100 x 100 cm

“Hello Girls”

3 framed Louboutin illustrations

43 x 53 cm

detail of illustrations, acrylic on newsprint.

“A look into utopia”

acrylic on canvas

100 x 120 cm

“A Force To Be Reckoned With”

Portrait of British actress/model Cara Delevingne.

newsprint & acrylic on canvas

92 x 130 cm


Portrait of British model & actress Cara Delevingne

newsprint & acrylic on canvas

100 x 120

“Girl Interrupted”

Portrait of British model Kate Moss.

newsprint & acrylic on canvas

97 x 120 cm

“Empress Of Austria”

Inspired by Spanish artist Manolo Valdes.

mixed media on wood panel

160 x 170 cm


Pencil sketch on rough grain paper.

32,5 x 46 cm

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