I did this painting entitled Kind Of The Jungle to be auctioned off at a local Gala dinner in aid of Bundo and Zoo Castellar. The painting was done using gold leaf and acrylic paint.

An African Lion Cub was found in a small box by Spanish customs on the way from Morocco, he was starving, missing much of his fur and had gone blind in one eye (amongst other things).

He was rescued and sent to the Zoo de Casteller for treatment, however the problem with his eyes did not improve, Bundo has cataracts in both eyes. Both eyes could be saved but urgent treatment was required and of course this incurred a large cost, without this treatment unfortunately Bundo would have to be put down.

So a local Gala dinner was arranged to raise money for Bundo’s operations, tests and medicines.

In total just over €4000.00 was raised including the money made from auctioning off my painting..