What’s Cooking?”
Oil on canvas 100 x 150 cm

I was commissioned by a client to create a hectic kitchen scene. With as much going on as possible, Chefs everywhere and a bit of fun included.
I started off by searching the net for some good images of chefs etc which wasn’t too hard to find.

Once I found some interesting characters I made some quick sketches of them.

When I had a sufficient amount of images I played around with them to form an interesting composition, this did take a while, a lot of trial and error.

Applying the oil!

A bit daunting seeing how far I had to go..

Closeup of Lobster.
Wanted to include as much colour as possible so it isn’t washed out by all the chefs white uniforms.

Starting to take shape.

Every kitchen has a rodent, right?

I found this image online, a bit of fun..,think it worked really well positioned in the corner.

The original image I copied the pig wasn’t siting in a roasting tray, so I found a tray that I had at home and included it.

Made up a still life at home with a knife stabbed into my wooden chopping board.

This was the most rewarding part, filling in the gaps. Finally felt that I was nearly finished.

To accomplish the rows of pots and pans I first painted in the background colour and whilst the paint was still wet I used white to make the outlines of the pans, I just wanted a silhouette of them.

All DONE!! Took a lot longer than I first thought, but was well worth it.
It’s off to Denmark, where it will be framed.
It has been one of the most rewarding paintings I have done. Look forward to many more 🙂