“Dead Man’s Hand”
Commissioned portrait based on James Bond 007
110 x 140 cm
oil and newsprint on canvas

Original sketch for the commission. Took a while to arrange all the characters.

Started off with laying out the newsprint girls, onto the portraits ..Daniel Craig

I like to paint all the portraits first

Blofeld with his companion, Daniel with martini. The hardest part of this painting I found was getting all the dimensions right such as hand sizes etc

Filling in the gaps, clothing

Finished most of the detail such as poker chips, cards, martini glasses and guns… onto the background.

Background and foreground completed…

Almost there, poker table cloth with Casino Royale logo to go, some small other details such as Queens crown motif on the back of playing cards and Union Jake cufflinks on Daniel Craigs shirt.

Really enjoyed this commission, very challenging and took longer than I anticipated, but well worth it!!

Some detail pics…

Ernst Stavro Blofeld / Donald Pleasence with his companion

Daniel Craig / James Bond

Roger Moore / James Bond

Sean Connery / James Bond

Pierce Brosnan / James Bond

Judi Dench / M

Desmond Llewelyn / Q

“Dead man’s hand”