“Fast & Louche”
portrait of US singer & actress Miley Cyrus
Newsprint & Tissavel Porcupine faux fur on wood panel
130 x 140 cm

Tissavel Porcupine Faux fur

Gives you an idea how long and dense the Tissavel Porcupine faux fur is…..amazing stuff!!


side view of "Fast & Louche"


Fast & Louche & Me

me & “Fast & Louche”

Newsprint portrait of the flamboyant US singer Miley Cyrus, who never shy’s away from controversy which is why I like her so much. With her crazy antics it was only a matter of time that I painted her.

I actually did this painting a few years ago, but never got the time to finish it off. I had intended to surround her in faux fur.

Eventually I found this amazing Tissavel Porcupine faux fur. Within a week of it arriving I cut her portrait out of the canvas and transferred it to a wood panel. Painted the panel black, made a stencil of the area to be covered. Drew that onto the back of the fur and cut it out with a sharp Stanley blade.

I tried out a few different glues with mixed results, before deciding on mounting spray which worked perfectly.

So pleased with how the fur texture worked with the newsprint, will be doing some more of these!!!!